Case study

BlackTherapy - Someone who understands

About the project

BlackTherapy wanted to create something that was impactful and effective. They wanted to reach as many people as possible and showcase the benefits of their platform in a way that was relatable.

The problem

It's a touchy subject

Therapy can be a sensitive and difficult subject for many people, and it can be especially challenging for those in the black community to find therapists who can truly understand and relate to their experiences. Many black individuals may feel that their culture and background is not adequately represented in the mental health field.

Our solution

Showcasing the problem

Instead of creating a repetitive ad, out solution was to showcase the problem in a comedic manner. This was so that individuals could take a serious and touchy subject and normalize it to make it easier to talk about.

The result

It worked!

Carefully treading the line, we created an ad that the individuals of the black community found funny and relatable. It made many understand the problem as to why therapy may not have worked for them in the past.

Let's make something awesome together.